Run Salted Program Access

Run Salted Program Access

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Each and every one of us has been called by the Lord to run a specific race.

Are you running that race, or are you too busy trying to run your own or your neighbors?

Run Salted is a 13 week program designed to help you push aside excuses, claim your identity and fearlessly run the race God has called YOU to. The race He has called you to is better than anything you could ever imagine, you just have to say 'YES' to join in on the adventure.

13 weeks. 6 topics. 65 days of content. Access to 'The Shakers,' our online community. All delivered weekly straight to your inbox.

When you purchase you will receive a download link for Week 1 right away. Please give us 24-48 hours to get you in our system to send you additional resources from there. 

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