Legacy Workbook (Printed or PDF Download)
Legacy Workbook (Printed or PDF Download)
Legacy Workbook (Printed or PDF Download)
Legacy Workbook (Printed or PDF Download)
Legacy Workbook (Printed or PDF Download)
Legacy Workbook (Printed or PDF Download)
Legacy Workbook (Printed or PDF Download)

Legacy Workbook (Printed or PDF Download)

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Want a resource to help you look at your life from an eternal perspective? Looking for a space to ponder the fact that we are mere "passerbyers" until the Lord calls us home? Desiring a workbook to help you grasp the impact you can make on the world and how to tangibly walk towards that?

Then you are in the right place!

Legacy: A four-part workbook learning how to live in the "now" and "not yet".

Oftentimes, when legacy is discussed it is through the lens of personal accomplishments, accolades and logistics; however, in our Legacy Workbook, we look at legacy from an eternal community perspective. We look at who we are becoming, how we make others feel, and how we are intentionally impacting the kingdom and world around us daily.

So before you get too far in reading this description know that this workbook is not:

  • A tool to help you plot out your next five, ten, twenty years
  • A guide to developing SMART goals to help you achieve all life’s ambitions
  • A step-by-step process to writing a will/legacy plan

But rather, Legacy is an activity-based workbook created to make interactive spaces for you to reflect, inspect, ponder and dream with the Lord on where He has taken you this far in your life and where He might be inviting you in the future.


  • Intro: Life Is A Mist
  • Part 1: Acknowledge and Honor Your Past
  • Part 2: Who Am I Today?
  • Part 3: Who Do I Want To Be Tomorrow?
  • Part 4: What Will My Legacy By?
  • Closing: Living With An Eternal Mindset


The workbook is broken down into four main parts, complete with an introduction and closing section. We created this study to be done with others, as we believe a lot of life changing conversations will be stirred up from the content, but it is also a great tool for self-reflection and dreaming if done during your own devotional time.


We suggest going through the content over six weeks. The breakdown below offers an outline for following that framework:

  • Week One: Read the introduction, answer the small group/legacy questions and watch the videos.
  • Weeks Two-Five: Go through each part's material. If doing this in a small group we suggest doing the work before gathering together.
  • Week Six: Read and reflect on 1 Peter 1, answer the final reflection questions, and fill out your "Legacy Summary" page.

Resource Page:

Throughout the workbook there will be videos for you to watch and suggested songs for you to listen to. These are all accessible through QR codes in the study as well as on a specific landing page you will get access to upon purchasing the workbook.


If you have any questions about the content, how to best use the workbook or just want to share a testimony, please feel free to email us at hello@livesalted.com!

We are so excited for this workbook and truly believe the Lord will speak and use this content to bring about new revelations and thoughts about your past, present and future. If you purchase this workbook, we are praying you finish it with a greater understanding on how to live in both the “now” and the “not yet”.

Much Love,

The Live Salted Ladies